My name is Briana Roberts and I am a 22-year-old from Sydney Australia with a cat named Peaches and a love for all things beauty. While you are reading this blog it is basically like you are inside my brain, this is all my thoughts and feelings and love for beauty splashed onto a WordPress blog…..WELCOME!

I love discovering new products and testing out cult favorites while blogging my honest experiences along the way.  Skin care and makeup are a big focus of mine and what I really enjoy buying, trying and writing about. I started Life of Bee around 2 years ago because I wanted to help all the women out there that just weren’t sure what products and treatments are out there, and more importantly really work.

You can find more insight to my life (by life I mean selfies galore) and day-to-day adventures on my snapchat (bri roberts) and instragam (@lifeofbeee).






For any business, advertising and collaboration enquires please feel free to contact me via email.


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