Confessions of a Lashaholic

Image result for lashesLong lashes are love and they also give me life, but when you throw in the lash extension $100 price tag and then $50-$60 price tag every three weeks after that, the love kind of turns into like and then the like turns into no way Jose. 
I’ve always been a long lash kind of gal from sneaking mascara into school and applying it in the bathroom in year 8 to wearing the thickest lashes known to women on my first legal clubbing experience. Thankfully since then I have learned less is more but the love for long lashes has never faded.

I will self confess that when I am uploading a photo on Instagram without lashes, I have to sit there a while as I stare down at my beady lash-less eyes before I press the upload button and think “is this the way I want to live my life?”. This might sound dumb because really it is dumb, but in my eyes on myself, lashes make the biggest difference of all. Not only do lashes represent such feminine beauty for me but I feel they just balance out my face and give life to my eyes and confidence in my photos.

I’ve gone down the lash extension road before to only spend the big cash and love them for the first 2 weeks until they start to fall out one by one and the infill date gets closer and closer and my love turns straight to hate. How can a girl win I ask? Do you live your life like Tammy Hembrow and live the constant lash extension life? Or do you be the practical non-Instagram famous less 5 million followers and use false lashes for the special occasions kinda girl? It’s a constant battle in my mind and I want to know if I’m the only one to have this weird lash obsession?

If you choose the road of false lash life like I have I’ve learnt that you should defiantly stick by the rule quality over quantity. If you invest in a decent pair of falsys even though they are a little more expensive (around $30) you can get up to 20-25 times re-use on them (so it’s basically an investment, right?).Image result for lashes

So here is my lash love confession, it’s a weird one but boy that felt good to get off my chest.

Lots of love, B x


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