My Skincare Routine: Including Current Cleanser, Scrub, Facial and Pill

Growing up I was always one of the lucky ones in the skin department. It wasn’t until I reached adult life that my skin started to break its good behavior streak and play up on me (yes I realize this is so back to front in the normal skin life cycle stages, I don’t really understand it either). Thankfully after copious amounts of googling “how to remove blackheads the size of craters”, “best skin cleanser for reddish skin”, “what is the best pill to go on for your skin” and “what is the best facial that will not make you 100% breakout after?” I found my holy grail, and current skin care routine.

Now before I break out my secret skin weapons let me give you a little break down of my skin situation:

  • Oily / combination
  • Specifically oily around T-Zone (forehead, nose and chin)
  • Large pores aka very blackhead prone
  • Slight redness around nose and cheeks
  • medium- high sensitive
  • Breakout prone around jawline

So lets get down to it:

1.Face Cleanser & Scrub

After searching far and wide for the perfect cleanser and scrub to give me exactly what I needed, these babies stood out to me on the shelf while completing my weekly Thursday night shopping at Coles. Both products don’t break your bank balance and whats even better is they last a while, with you only needing to apply around a 5c coin size amount for every use! I use the Scrub 4 times a week and the Cleanser every day.

2. Facial

Facials are honestly one of my favorite “treat yo self” moments, but finding a facial that is not only relaxing but works wonders on your skin is another thing. My recent trip to Ella Bache taught me that one such facial does exist.

  • The Deep Cleansing Express Facial Treatment (45 minute Treatment $75) is one of the best facials I’ve had. This facial is specifically targeted for conjested skin (bye bye blackheads) with the custom treatment products applied  to suit your specific skin needs. It leaves your skin feeling hydrated, soothed, glowing and most of all you leave with CLEAR results! I get this facial once a month!

3. Pill

Around 4 months ago when my skin was at its worst (breakout city) and facials and skin care just not cutting it I spent around 2 hours googling and reading never-ending chat forums about what contraceptive pill (I was already on the pill) is best for clearing skin. One pill was constantly mentioned across all sites which was Diane 35. I booked into to see my local doctor to discuss what my best options are were, with my Doctor deciding Diane was the way to go.

  • The Diane 35 Pill (which is unfortunately one of the most expensive pills going $65 for 3 months) took around 3 months to take effect on my skin and start to help it clear up.  My skin has defiantly seen a great improvement over the months thanks to Dianne bless her soul, especially to do with the breakouts I would previously get around my jaw line. I do find some minor sign affects such as mood swings while on it, which I’m sure my poor boyfriend could confirm for you all (sorry Bae).

During my skin journey I tried, purchased, loved, hated, and applied so many products to my face, which eventually helped bring me to what I use now, because just like anything its hard to find what really works and more importantly works for you!

xx Briana


*Make sure you speak to your doctor to see what pill or treatment is best for you because everyone is different.

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