Fake It Till You Make It

My tan routine goes a little something like this:

Tan 1

STEP 1: Get into your shower and exfoliate your skin removing your week old tan until it’s shining bright like a diamond and revealing your true and utter white self, or if you are genetically blessed in which I envy you just keep being your true brown (no relation to the Kylie Jenner lip kit) self even after exfoliation. The Loving tan ‘ Tan removing & skin exfoliating glove’ also works a treat to prepare you for that fresh glow.

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Step 2: Dry off (dah) and lightly moisturise your body all over while concentrating on your knees, ankles and elbows as they are generally the driest parts of the body. This step for me is MANDATORY and should also be for you as it helps the tan glide on and hydrate the skin in preparation for the tan application.

Step 3: Repeat after me- MITT IS LOVE MITT IS LIFE. If you use your hands to tan you need to stop living in 2009 and start living in the now. Say bye bye to the classic twisty fingers and orange palms because the mitt is the new husband of tan and I don’t see a divorce on the cards any time soon. The best mitt I have ever used is the Loving Tan Deluxe Self Tanning Applicator Mitt because it’s so fluffy and smooth allowing your tan to glide on streak free and hassle free. Pop your mitt on and apply your tan to the mitt and start from your top half and make your way down. I found that for me personally the best way to go about it is- Left arm, right arm, torso, face (very thin layer),  stomach, butt, right thigh, left thigh, right calf, left calf, feet then back! Apply your tan in a circular motion to gain the best coverage.

Step 4: If you feel one layer isn’t enough (I generally only need to apply one layer of the Loving Tan Dark Mousse because it is so fabulously dark) wait 10 minutes and repeat the steps with a second layer.

Step 5: Be a dare devil and let the tan soak in for as long as possible and yes I’m talking about overnight or you can wash off after the recommended wait period (generally four hours). I always sleep in my tan and wash off in the morning because I find it gives the best and longest lasting results.

Step 6. You are now the tan goodness you know you are destined to be.

Below shows my before and after of using only one coat of the Loving Tan mousse in ‘dark’ which is my absolute favorite go to tan.


Use my code “Briana” to receive a free tanning mitt at checkout when purchasing any mousse from www.lovingtan.com.

TIP: Get the most out of your tan by moisturizing every night.

xx Briana

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