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Let’s discuss the elephant in the room – Facial hair or more importantly facial hair removal. I know that there has been a lot of talk in the beauty industry lately about using face shavers to shave the little baby bum fluff hairs away, but after doing my research I went down a different avenue to say goodbye to these bad boys forever…. Yes, I’m talking about full face laser. For women talking about facial hair removal can almost be seen as embarrassing and a topic of conversation that is generally avoided. It happens to the best of us so this is why I have embraced telling you my story!

Now don’t be scared when visualizing this because to be honest, it’s nowhere near as bad as you think. Facial laser works perfectly for removing those scattered thin hairs or in some cases black hairs that may pop up occasionally (yes it happens to the best of us) for good. My journey to having facial laser all started because my main concern was the side of my face, just below the neck and hair-line – I wanted a smooth base and I wanted the visible hair (even though it was not that visible) to be gone and never return.

Before any laser treatment, you need to gently shave the areas you want to be treated. In my case this includes forehead, side of face, top of neck, cheeks and upper lip. In order to do this you can use a specific women’s facial razor (which you can buy from any GLOSS stores for around $5 or Kmart for around $2). You can’t wear any moisturizer or makeup to the appointment so it’s best to just have your face freshly cleansed.


After my first treatment I saw immediate results when I applied my moisturizer and foundation. My face felt so smooth and my foundation spread so evenly on my face. My makeup stayed on better throughout the day and my upper lip and side of face looked so much cleaner (foundation not sticking to the hairs) which provided a more flawless looking base.

In regards to pain I can be the first to admit my pain threshold is basically a 1 on the scale of 1- 10 . Now I cross my heart and hope to die when I say that the pain is completely bearable and it only lasts 10 minutes! It hurts less than waxing and almost feels like a tiny little sting. The machine used for the laser treatment (as seen below) also blows out cold air onto your face while the laser is happening which helps to cut any pain felt even more.

Briana Laser

Now I need to get onto my not so glamorous or positive experience.  I had my first session at Laser Clinic’s Australia (paid $29 as they had a special), I was so happy with the results, the professionalism and care that the beautician took. I seriously could not fault her! For my second treatment I decided to change it up a little and went to clinic in the hills district (I was planning to name and shame but I decided against that) because I had previously read great reviews on them, but unfortunately my experience was not great at all. The beautician during my treatment managed to singe around a quarter of the top of my eyebrow hair as she was completing the laser hair removal in the middle of my brows. Now I don’t know if it was due to lack of training or due to complete carelessness but now I am the one who is needing to wait around 3- 4 weeks for this hair to grow back to normal (while also feeling like I need to carry an eyebrow pencil in my bag for necessary touch ups 24/7).


I wanted to give my honest experience and I wanted to do this to let you know the risks that can happen. This experience has not turned me off completing my full laser course (I may need to have around 9 sessions in total for permanent hair removal with returning every 2 weeks for treatment) but I will NEVER be returning to that particular clinic.

Disregarding my eyebrow experience from my second treatment the rest of my face is feeling amazing. Bum fluff is nowhere to be seen and the not so pretty random black hairs are as good as gone. I hope my experience so far has provided you with an insight on the positive and negative which can come from facial laser and I really hope my quarter missing eyebrow (as funny as it sounds but definitely is not funny at all) has not deferred you from ever getting the procedure done yourself.

I look forward to keeping you updated on my laser journey!

xx Briana



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